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Rocking manual rack

Product code: SFB1xx Categories: ,
  • Choice of position: 0 ° (horizontal arrow up) and 90 ° (vertical arrow) by manual handle with stops
  • 2 positions : 0° (horizontal folded arrow) and 90° (vertical arrow) for installation of a flashing light or as the profile of the vehicle
  • Can be installed on:
    • The roof with a set of installation with gutters or without gutter SGT12 SGT12A
    • A truck box with an adjustable structure SGT53
  • Stucture comprised of 1”x1”tube of 1/8” thickness made of steel in 44”, 52” or 60” (according to vehicle)
  • Transversal bars with pierced extremities to be fixed to the vehicle

Associated Products / Accessories:

  • Signalization arrows :
    • SFS10P SFS20P
    • SFS15 SFS25 SFS16 SFS26
  • Compatible with installation set SGT11 , SGT12

Additional information

Weight kg

44”, 52”, 60”

Choice 1

Configuration : Basse, Configuration :Surélevée

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