Portable thin arrow

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Portable thin arrow, folding, withe LEDs (20 LEDs), mounted on a hinge.

  • For short duration work without displacement
  • Avoids lengthy and costly installations
  • Pliable and easily manageable
  • Minimum of space in the trunk of a vehicle (30 “long closed)
  • Powered by cigarette lighter
  • Operates up to 24 hours continuously when the vehicle is off
  • Control box to the same cable
  • Bracket with suction cups preventing damage to the vehicle
  • Aluminum base (Th. 3/8’’), equipped with suction cups and pivot allowing easy storage
  • Stainless steel robust hinge embedded in the body arrow
  • Lamps fully sealed, waterproof
  • Additional information

    Weight 7.3 kg
    Length 1536 mm
    Height 660 mm

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