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Motorized rack (low profil)

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  • Tilting Low profile anodized aluminum-installed on the roof
  • Aluminum structure with a permanent base, a mobile arm, a jack and a jack cover made of black plastic
  • 4”Motion brand electronically controlled jack : force 500lbs/pi
  • Mechanical protection by 2 limited starter positions (factory presets)
  • Base plate for beacon support
  • Wiring two son (length 6”) ended on a connector “Waterpack”
  • Attractive, lightweight
  • Compact, very little space on the roof
  • Aerodynamics approved more than 150 km/h- Low wind resistance
  • Very good resistance to wind
  • Developed according to the requirements of the Surete du Quebec who uses
  • Power supply 12 V
  • Running time: 13 seconds


  • Height:
    • 28 1/2” (724 mm) raised, without arrow
    • 5” (127 mm) (lowered without arrow)
  • Width:
    • 24 1/2” (622 mm) raised
    • 38 7/8” (987 mm) (lowered without arrow)
  • Length: 44 1/2” (1130 mm)
  • Weight: 25.5 Lbs (11.56 kg)

Associated Products / Accessories:

  • Signalization arrows :
    • SFS20P
    • SFS15 SFS25 SFS16 SFS26
  • Installation kit for roof : SGT15 SGT15A
  • Spare parts:Bal drive actuator : PL9010


  • Version enhanced with the addition of pads: SMB20SQ (contact us)
  • Automatic lowering through predetermined speed : control boxes CGE50 CGE60
  • Mechanical installation system for support integrated beacon (360° visibility with raised or lowered arrow) SGT19

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