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Atténuateur d’impact type Absorb 351

Price on demand

Product code: AB1014x Categories: ,
  • No ground anchoring, the largest selection of transitions and modular technology allow the ABSORB 350 System to be used in multiple speed conditions.
  • The ABSORB 350 System is ideal for contractors due to the ease of maintenance after an impact and quick and easy deployment without the need for ground anchoring.
  • At 24” [610 mm] wide, it is ideally suited for narrow areas where road and workspace is limited.
  • ABSORB 350 System is easy to install and is easier to estore after an impact than other non-redirective crash cushions because the system uses uniform modular components.

  • Easily transitioned to multiple widths and shapes of barriers
  • Permanent or work zone applications
  • Rapid deployment and retrieval
  • Can be deployed on any road surface
  • Reusable nose and transition after most design impacts
  • Narrow footprint
  • No ground anchoring required
  • Low initial price
  • Dimensions:

  • Height: 32”
  • TL2 Length: 228”(19 ‘)
  • TL3 Length: 384”(32 ‘)
  • Dry Weight: 85 lbs (39kg)
  • Filled Weight: 670 lbs (304kg)
  • Additional information

    Choice 1

    Composition Adapteur biseauté en acier
    galvanisé pour raccord, Bloc individuel d’appoint, Musoir individuel en tôle, Configuration TL2
    Ensemble de 5 blocs, Configuration TL3 Ensemble de 9 blocs, Configuration TL1 Ensemble de 2 blocs

       User manual Download

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